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Blockchain solutions for investments, technology and business.









First digital bank in Dubai that allows you to make investments with your dollars, also you can even buy and sell your tokens around the world.

Empowering institutions with world-class tools

International financial remittance

Investment in digital assets

Partnerships with banks in 5 continents, using FUNAS Coin like cash back



The history of NES began with the legacy of 17 years of experience of its FOUNDER John Oliver in start-up and technology, our roots refer to the Brazilian northeast in the 80's when the world was revolutionized with the invention of personal computers, years before the cell phone had been invented.
Nation ExBlockchain Solutions - NES has in its DNA the need to unite exceptional professionals with one goal, bringing the best solutions with Blockchain technology to all nations.
NES acts as a solution in Blockchain technology and many other technologies, we advise Blockchain in South America, Europe, Hong Kong and now in the United Arab Emirates.
Our differential is the know-how of our select team of developers and analysts, because our solution is customized for every need, we thoroughly study our client's business rule before implementing our solution. Our team is our greatest asset.
FOUNDER John Oliver, who has always admired the Arab culture at 6 years, dreamed of participating in yet another local technological revolution. He then decided to start a new NES technology era by implementing its largest solution in Dubai, the world's economic center, and moving to become the cradle of technologies that will change the world.
The technologies used in a Blockchain exist for many years, but only in 2009 they were applied united and as such, giving rise to the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, who was the protagonist of the disclosure of Blockchain.
Blockchain guarantees users with security with asymmetric encryption, transparency with consensus protocol and immutability, where no information can be changed or deleted.
Blockchain is the new generation of systems, it is the ideal database to enable quality management within companies and governments, we have our Blockchain as a service, developed so that in just 5 minutes you are ready to integrate your application into our blockchain network making it possible for anyone to create their own private and permissioned network, to manage their records in an encrypted and transparent way, as well as the possibility of creating their own digital token asset, all without having any knowledge in Blockchain.
NES acts with its security and information management solution in private companies, banks and governments. Any system with the NES can be turned into a Blockchain.
In 2018 the first part of this dream began with the structuring of the NES in Dubai, having as partner and Chairman Jasem Al Shehhi, who is guiding us in this revolutionary undertaking, for this Arab dream to be complete the next step is in the sands of the Arabian Gulf, with perseverance, focus and faith to create the only city of Blockchain, an unprecedented technological complex that will select, enhance and unite the world's greatest scattered minds for research and development of disruptive technologies using Blockchain as well as Sheik Zayed's dream bin Sultan Al - Nahyan, but instead of transforming the desert into a garden, we will transform with the help of the Arab people, the desert in the greatest cradle of technology, uniting the best minds of all nations. A NEXT-B - The sky is just the beginning.



  • One by Omniyat - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • P.O BOX 142642